More than Physical Gains

One thing I’ve learned through my experience with crossfit over the last few years is that it’s as much as what’s between your ears as it is about the rest of your body. Strength. Flexibility. Endurance. They’re all fine and dandy. But your brain is getting a workout just as often as the rest of you.

Sara Petzoid had a great article at BOXROX last week about the “5 Ways that Crossfit Changes your Mentality and Self Esteem” and it got me thinking. I’ve changed quite a bit since I started. If I look at my own perception of myself, I’ve gone from a overweight, meek little geek to a slightly-less-overweight geek who has started gaining a ton more confidence. 🙂

super-hero-flyingWhen I began my crossfit journey, I wrote long posts in Facebook detailing every success, failure, and attempt more as a way to hold myself accountable than anything else (and somehow people noticed!). That grew into my personal blog – The Crossfitz Blog – on which I’ve written more than 200 posts since January 2014. I may write shorter Facebook status updates, but my posts are just as long as those early FB status notes, if not longer.

And last year I started, which has unfortunately not had any updates in about a year. The idea there was to help other people tell their own stories of how crossfit has helped them. I spoke with several folks and did about a dozen interviews over a few months. I wish it had done better, but it was a learning experience and I hope a few people are able to gain some inspiration from those tales.

Long story short, I’m back to writing a ton for the first time in years and sharing it with a much larger community than ever before. In addition, I have been growing my side publishing business a little at a time, doing some freelance editing, interviewing complete strangers, and recently taking the initiative to kick off this very website. Through crossfit, I am now able to move heavy things through an increased range of motion – but I’m also more confident in my daily life. My goals for that life have changed and crossfit is a huge part of that change.

That said, there’s still more work to be done. I’m no superhero after my experiences. Things like the Pain Cave are still a mystery to me, though I will eventually find a way to come to peace with them. Every coach has taught me something different. Each workout continues to show me more about myself. And I continue to meet amazing people throughout the Colorado Springs community and beyond with amazing stories of their own.

There’s an energy that comes from working hard and trying to make your life better. Crossfit offered me a much needed reboot that I hope keeps the ball rolling on so many other positive things.

So do the work at your box and at home. Physically it will pay off. But I promise you it’s so much more than that.