ROMWOD vs Yoga

I have been a crossfitter for nearly 5 years, a RYT 200 Certified Yoga Teacher for 3, and teaching yoga at Crossfit 719 for nearly a year now. I take pride in helping my fellow Crossfitters mobilize and frequently preach the word of yoga/stretching to prevent injury. With a ruptured Achilles tendon, I learned this lesson late unfortunately. What is the lesson? Be a warm marshmallow and your body will help you perform better during workouts!

13900517_10154435233229703_1195983815_nWhen looking at ROMWOD, the new CrossFit-inspired programming site, I am drawn to this meme suggesting that yoga and ROMWOD are not similar. Both of these programs are valuable to the crossfitter and I am not here to discredit either. Mobility keeps the athletic body in that “warm marshmallow” state in which it can move, bend, breathe, and flex without tearing or injury.

“ROMWOD places a tremendous emphasis on developing what they call the ‘warrior mentality.’ Routines training your mind to focus, to remain calm when everything in your body is telling you to panic, and to keep your body running efficiently while enduring stress. A big part of this training involves breathing techniques and breath control exercises that are directly applicable in the gym. (ROMWOD, 2016)“

I have found congruent ideas between both ROMWOD and yoga in my research. One of the creators of ROMWOD is in fact a former yoga teacher. However, in my practice and in the three years I have been teaching crossfitters, I see few athletes actually follow through with yoga. They say “no, I have to lift today” or “no, that isn’t going to help me get stronger.” That couldn’t be further from the truth.

13933479_10154435233454703_599912032_nYoga, much like ROMWOD, teaches you to “remain calm” when your body is being stretched and placed under stress. Oh yes, as a yoga teacher, I put you in postures that will make you want to hold your breath due to stress! (Runner’s lunge anyone?)

Both ROMWOD and yoga teach you how to breathe and to control your breath when working by exhaling on the work. With push press, back squats, or even burpees, controlling your breath will increase your ability to not only perform during yoga, but more importantly during a WOD.

Do not forego mobility. Do yoga, ROMWOD, or just take 15 minutes after a workout and stretch. It will increase your strength, your ability to perform, and above all it will prevent injury. Be a warm marshmallow; warm up, work out, warm down, and mobilize!

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