The Weekly Chalkboard – August 15-21, 2016

Welcome to another issue of the Chalkboard!

This week sees the NGPL (National Pro GRID League) return to action with CrossFit Pandora’s Box‘ own Jared Enderton representing for us on the Baltimore Anthem! Competition kicks off on Wednesday (17-AUG) and Thursday (18-AUG) live on GRID TV. We caught onto the GRID sensation late last year in re-runs on ESPN and look forward to catching some of these bouts live. Go Jared!

18xnbqWe heard through the grapevine that coaches Clare Browne and Bill Gates are now certified CrossFit Level 2 Trainers on the roster at CrossFit Continuum. Congrats on getting your learning on and I hope we all benefit from your new levels of awesome!

I know we had a few folks from Continuum competing in the Battle of the Ages in Lone Tree, Colorado this weekend at FIT Park Meadows. Great work to “The Time Caps”! Looked like they had a great turnout based on the footage I saw on their FB page!

Also, I know we had a contingent from CrossFit 719 over at Springs Spree on Saturday at Memorial Park – how’d that go?!

Anybody else have anything exciting going on this week? Or news from the last weekend? Or any upcoming events to announce to the world? Give us a holler at the Contact page or on our FB page – links are above!