The Weekly Chalkboard – August 22-28, 2016

We’ve been doing the Weekly Chalkboard for a few weeks now and I’m excited to report some actual news today!

WelcometotheneighborhoodFirst of all, we have two new CrossFit boxes that have opened or are in the process of opening in the area.

  • Let’s offer a big welcome to the folks at CrossFit Rampart in Woodland Park. From the images I’ve seen on their Facebook page it looks like they have a great setup – plus, Woodland Park would be a beautiful place to work out! Check out their website at for more!
  • And let’s offer a big welcome to the folks at CrossFit NCS setting up off I-25 and Woodmen. I’m looking forward to checking them out soon – I know Stephanie and Ray and all their family and friends have put in a ton of work to make the place awesome. Their opening week will be August 29th to September 3rd, so be sure to drop by! Check out their website at for their schedule and their Facebook page for all the latest!

Second, I saw that the coaching staff at CrossFit Decimate has added two new members to the roster – Brian Harris, a 2-time CrossFit Regionals competitor with years of CF training and coaching; and Jeff Thaxton, a Wodapalooza qualifier with a wide array of coaching certificates and experience, from strength & coordination to combat training.

Welcome to the community folks!

14066377_1216098411774675_4128513766359520832_oAnd lastly, you might remember that last week we mentioned that Jared Enderton from CrossFit Pandora’s Box‘ was starting his season with the Baltimore Anthem in the NGPL… Well, Tamara Gray from Pandora has also been kicking some butt here! This weekend she won Best Lifter in the Pikes Peak Open with PRs and state records with all three lifts. She hit a total of 765# at her 127 BW! Amazing work Tamara! Keep it up!

Anybody else have anything exciting going on this week? Or news from the last weekend? Or any upcoming events to announce to the world? Give us a holler at the Contact page or on our FB page – links are also above!