The Weekly Chalkboard – August 8-14, 2016

Time for a bit of news!

This weekend the crew from CrossFit 719 will be at SpringsSpree with yoga at Memorial Park plus much more. They’ll be sharing their health and fitness knowledge, putting on mini challenges and offering nutrition advice, a squat clinic, and more. Be sure to check it out on Saturday August 13th! Lots more details at!

spring-spree-logoNot this week, but next (on Thursday, August 18 at 7pm), be sure to put mobility on your calendar! Lululemon Athletica is putting on an event with Mychael from Elite Functional Fitness – Foam rolling and carb loading! Check it out at Lululemon at the Briargate Shops at 7pm! But make sure you bring your own yoga mat and foam roller if you have one – they’ll have a few available for use but will likely run out!

If you’re looking for things to do in September, you should check out the Garage Games’ Masters Tour 2016 down in Pueblo! Registration ends on September 17th but it looks like they may have upwards of 3500 competitors this year, so lots of fun to be had! If anybody from our community heads down I hope you take lots of pictures that we can share when you get back!

Beyond that, we had a few links to posts at Chalk to the Bar and around the web from last week –

This week we have our first post from CrossFit 719’s Yogi Jenn Ridler, so keep an eye out for that one on Friday. And we’re still looking for news and content from the community at large.

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Have a great week folks!