A New Effort

The CrossFit community in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is a fantastic group of individuals. We have talented coaches, motivated box owners, and athletes of every level from beginners to competitors and everywhere in-between. And we have a depth and breadth of knowledge that is simply staggering.

Are you interested in mobility, strength, speed, recovery, or any other aspect of functional fitness? Somebody has you covered.

Are you interested in some of the various diets or how to supplement your athletics so you maximize your gains? Somebody has you covered.

But how do you find those folks? That’s where Chalk to the Bar hopes to help.

We invite folks from all over the community to chime in with articles about their interests and specialties. Do you have particular tips and techniques to share about the squat? Do you have experience with the Zone or Paleo diets and how to adjust so they work best for athletes? Do you have a favorite list of stretches and movements to help for active recovery? Do you have a competition to announce or experience at a competition you want to share?

Reach out! We’d love to hear from you!