Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. (Ridds’ Yoga Corner)

With Crossfit, we gain strength, stamina, and confidence. With CrossFit we lose ego, fat, and sometimes patience.

patience-isa-virtueWe so badly want to be “Fittest on Earth”, we can taste it. The CrossFit Games prove each year that that title is accessible. You don’t have to be a professional athlete, signed or drafted. You just have to prove your fitness.

And with that mentality, we lose patience when we need it most. Patience is necessary to ensure that our form is correct on each and every movement. Patience is necessary as we grow and change, recover, and learn to listen to our bodies.

Coming back from a tendon injury and a pregnancy, yoga has been the stepping stone back into my beloved CrossFit routine, but I will never drop yoga. It gives my body time to move and the mind time to settle. There is no 3…2….1 GO! There is… inhale and exhale.

Bringing in a yoga practice within your daily routine, you not only gain mobility as we discussed last time – but also patience. Yoga isn’t competitive – it is restorative. We learn that on the mat, we move deliberately slow and hold postures for what often seems an unthinkable amount of time – all so we learn patience.

So when the 3…2….1 comes in and you’re on your stage, whether it’s a competition at regionals or your local box for a WOD, remember patience. That patience will provide you with the mindfulness to prevent injury and create strength in both mind and body.

Jennifer Ridler, MPS RYT200

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