The Weekly Chalkboard – August 1-7, 2016

Time for the next issue of the Weekly Chalkboard!

We have some sad news and happy news in this issue.

13775489_10154461071649274_7965396469622799136_nLast week was the memorial WOD for Maida Scott at CrossFit SoCo. She passed away on July 18th in a motorcyle accident in Washington near the Oregon border and the SoCo community gathered on July 26th at 6:07am. More than 60 folks arrived to honor her memory and her spirit by chugging through that workout. She will definitely be missed. There is also an upcoming pub crawl on August 5th. Read a bit more about these events and her life in this article at the Gazette.

I just found out this week from Tamara Gray at Pandora’s Box that we had another Colorado Springs-based CrossFitter in the 2016 CrossFit Games! Brent Maier competed in the Master’s 45-49 division and came in 2nd! Great work Brent! This was his third year at the Games – he got 3rd in the 2013 40-44 division and 7th in the 2014 40-44 division.

It’s fantastic that we had Trisha Beauperthuy from CrossFit Decimate (see last week’s news) and Brent from Pandora’s Box do so well this year! Who knows what next year will bring? 🙂

I also heard that a number of folks from local CrossFit boxes did well at this past weekend’s Rocky Mountain State Games… Who did well? Let’s shout it from the rafters!

That’s all the news that’s fit to write on the Chalkboard today! Do you have news to share, an event, or a question? Reach out via our Contact page!