The Weekly Chalkboard – October 17-23

Welcome to the week’s Chalkboard!

This past weekend was the Rodger DeGarmo Memorial Weightlifting Competition, put on by the Front Range Weightlifting Club. Sounds like many folks went down to lift heavy on Saturday! Great work people!

Be sure to check in with The Hangry Helper this week to see if they have any slots left for new clients or extra meals down at Pandora’s Box. I’ve seen pictures of some of their meals show up all over social media and I have to say they look tasty! Check out their Facebook page for details!

johnny-automatic-nps-map-pictographs-part-89Next week at CrossFit 719 is the second of two swim WODs for October! Apparently they’ve had a great time at these and all levels of swimmers are welcome. Josh says everyone is probably a better swimmer than he is because he drinks pool water through is nose for fun. 🙂

Meet at 719 on Thursday the 27th at 6:30pm, bring $5, and have a great time. They’re hoping to go every Thursday in November as well and continue through the winter months.

Coach Tiffany Brunton leads the fun on those nights, but feel free to contact Josh for any questions (!

And don’t forget to sign up for the epic Battle of the Buns, also going on over at 719. They’ve released a couple of the event WODs on, so be sure to get your team registered in time for this competition going on November 5th before time runs out!

Anybody else have anything exciting going on this week? Or news from the last weekend? Or any upcoming events to announce to the world? Give us a holler at the Contact page or on our FB page – links are also above!